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The New Mosquito Net offers environment friendly & absolute safe solution for you & your family from mosquitoes & insect screens in Chennai. We are well known fabrications, all types of mosquito nets. We are Chennai based sales& service outlet for Netlon, Saint gobain and other quality products. Our netlon product is easy to wash & use. We can carry the netlon material anywhere while shifting to new home.

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Velcro With Fiberglass Mesh

These type mosquito net is widely used as attachable detachable mosquito mesh, which is very economical, durable, rust free and easy washable. The Velcro tape has been used as a major part in this type. The fiber-glass mesh will be cut as per the measurements of the required windows/ventilators.

The loop of the tape has been well sewed to four sides of the mesh and the normal type hook of the Velcro tape will be stapled (1 stapler pin / 3 to 4 inches) on the outer wooden frame of the required windows/ventilators.

If the window/ventilator is an aluminium or UPVC, then the sticker type hook (which is quite expensive than the normal type) will be pasted by applying durable SR glue on the outer frame. It gives protection from mosquitoes, flies and other tiny insects. We use 3 types of quality meshes, namely Royal Nets, Saint-gobain & Phifer in Chennai environment.

Velcro With Fiber Mesh

Fiber insect screen provide a solution to your mosquitoes & insects problem at home or at work. Its suitable to be install on your exiting windows, sliding or push-out type, to keeps bugs out but allow air to flow through thus improve ventilation.

Insect screens are held to the window frame using fibers, 1 fiber strip on insect screen & another pasted on window frame with 3M adhesive tape.

The attracting fiber forms a seal around the window frame yet allows you to easily open / close your windows or remove the whole insect screen to wash.

Peel the screens off with the pull string at either corners at the bottom of insect screen to open/close window. Release the screen when you are done & the insect screen will snap back.

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